Continued Care

When you're a patient at Orinda Care Center patient care does not end upon dismissal from our care facility. We make sure to follow up with every patient to make sure their medication is working as prescribed, their health is unwavering after recovery and treatment, and that the patient is not at risk of being re-admitted to any medical care facilities. Our number one priority is keeping our current and previous patients healthy so that there is no risk of readmission or the return of previously treated conditions.

Professional Certified Staff

Here at Orinda Care Center we have a wide variety of healthcare professionals and state of the art equipment to track your health. Our newest equipment includes an X-Ray Imaging facility used to track your health and wellness throughout your duration at our facility. Our team of X-Ray specialists are on call to provide you with real-time updates on patient condition, improvement, and overall health. With our world-class team of doctors and equipment, you'll always know that your health is in great hands.

Social Activities

Another aspect of our comprehensive care system is ensuring overall health and wellness through diet and exercise regimens including, but not limited to, physical therapy, yoga, daily walking, aerobic and anaerobic stretching, and light weight resistance training. These extra measures and opportunities are implemented to ensure complete overall health during their stay at our world-class facility.


Experienced Physican

& Care Teams

We specialize in providing a secured/ safe environment for those living with the verifying stages of any given condition. We offer nutritional services, x-ray diagnostics, outdoor daily activities for recovering patients, and around the clock hands on professional nursing.